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Entrepreneur, software engineer & writer living in Boulder, Colorado with my wife, three sons & daughter. Co-founder of Zepheira, a company specializing in advanced Web solutions. Open source, XML, RDF, Python & much more.

I also read & write poetry, with a collection, Ndewo, Colorado forthcoming in 2013 from Kelsay Press. serving as poetry editor at The Nervous Breakdown and Kin Poetry Journal. Arsenal fan, snowboarder, hip-hopper, traveller, polyglot polymath and much, much more.

Ron Paul’s House speech calling for repeal of sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA, which are absolutely staggering pieces of unconstitutional, police-state legislation. And yes, they were signed into law by Obama. It’s a matter that deserves much more attention than it’s getting, so more power to Mr. Paul.

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SCOTUS takes Peter & The Wolf out of Public Domain

Prokofiev's Peter & The Wolf was in Public Domain. The Supreme Court just put it back under copyright. Cases such as this make it even clearer why we oppose #SOPA/PIPA. Big media, their lackeys in legislatures & complaisant courts continue to work to annihilate fair use. They talk about people stealing from them, then they commit this brazen theft from the public!

Well, we should all thank Prof Lawrence Golan of  University for fighting the good fight.

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Much of the viciousness by so many British against Wenger is jealousy of the amazing balance with which he’s established #Arsenal. #AFC

A cracking draw, #Arsenal vs AC Milan. Some might have wanted a supposedly easier draw, but this is what UCL is all about! #AFC

With all the worry about quality of grade-school #education in the US I feel very fortunate to enjoy such quality for free. #boulder

Too bad Clichy is suspended for our trip to Citeh. I’m sure all our wingers were salivating at the chance of facing him. #Arsenal #AFC

If #Arsenal had gone out of CL, as all the media was predicting, the montages would have been doom doom doom. But not for ManU, the gits!

"Want to become an internet billionaire? Move to #Africa"—Wired UK http://t.co/s4JQvvDS. “The future is plastics, son!” Correct but shallow

Zepheira to present at ALA Linked Data Symposium

Eric Miller from Zepheira will be giving the opening presentation at ALA Mid-Winter Conference Midwinter Symposium: “Libraries, Linked Data and the Semantic Web: Positioning Our Catalogs to…

Another non-pop-star giant of computer history passes. John McCarthy, AI pioneer and father of Lisp. http://t.co/Qfoud2px

My 6 y.o. just found & switched to a Robin van Persie #Arsenal skin in #minecraft. That’s my boy! #afc

"Terza Rima" by Richard Wilbur http://t.co/12Hn8YyY 7 lines. One violent volta with each stanza. Masterful! #poetry #poettalk

"Gervinho to Van Persie…GOAL!" Get used to that. Acc to the press #Arsenal have no future. Acc to the future the press have no clue #afc

Red Fez Halloween Special 2011 AKA Red Fez Halloween Haiku Freakout! http://t.co/fInIw3G8 via @TheFezzery #poetry #poettalk

Keeping an eye on @aerofs, coming soon they say & will let you easily sync/share unlimited amounts of data http://t.co/6lw6e1Dq